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  • PIG Vs. M.C. Lord of the Flies. Compound Eye Sessions. CD.

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PIG vs MC Lord of the Flies. Compound Eye Sessions. CD.

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Taken from sessions recorded in London, 2012, ‘Compound Eye’ is the long-awaited result of Marc (Cubanate / C-Tec / Ashtrayhead) Heal’s time in the studio with Raymond (KMFDM / Schaft / Primitive Race) Watts. With Heal performing under the alias of MC Lord of The Flies, a sly nod to a track on Cubanate’s ‘Barbarossa’ album, and Watts performing as his PIG alter-ego, ‘Compound Eye’ features two new tracks from each artist; with Heal’s contributions focussing on hard-boiled tales of life on the edge, whilst Watts’ tracks are more tethered to the corporeal temptations of sin, sex and salvation. Also included are four brand new remixes courtesy of Rhys (Frontline Assembly / Delerium / Conjure One) Fulber, who transforms the title track into a club anthem for glitched out ravers, and Phil (Be My Enemy / Cubanate) Barry offers up a succinct slice of brutalist minimalism, reducing the track to a feral roar. Producer Eden (Killing Joke / Gwen Stefani) comes in for mix duties on Heal’s ‘The Doll’ and Watts’s ‘Shake’, whilst the Lord of Lard literally plays with himself as he deconstructs ‘Drugzilla’ with his customary porcine swagger. 

Track Listing

The Compound Eye
The Doll
The Compound Eye (Fulbertron Mix by Rhys Fulber)
Drugzilla (Pork Talk Mix by Raymond Watts)
The Compound Eye (Tsetse Mix by Phil Barry)
Shake (Snakehandler Mix by Marc Heal)

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