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  • Philipp Munch. Mondo Obscura. CD.

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Philipp Munch. Mondo Obscura. CD.

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on this, his second solo album, the exceptional artist that is philipp münch has assimilated musical influences spanning the last four decades, bringing a brilliant and contemporary release into being, just as he did on last year's 'into the absurd'. supported by a number of musician friends he puts an emphasis on vintage electronics and creations ranging from classic rhythmic noise and minimal electro to cinematic ambient whilst retaining a modern edge which sets him apart amongst those who work only for sheer nostalgia. a clearly noticeable component on 'mondo obscura' is the expanded range of vocals performed by philipp himself and guest artists such as kyoung-hi roho, riotmiloo (eva|3), tim kniep (synapscape) and dan gatto (continues, babyland). this multitude of vocalists creates a vast subset of accents and moods ranging between melancholy and aggression. musically, moody minimal pop tunes alternate with harsh power electronics and space-age ambience performed with a high amount of flexibility on rhythms, effects and sounds. a very strong, personal and complete release that deserves close attention, highly recommended to those who are eager to look beyond the limits of musical styles.

Track Listing

01 despair
02 structure
03 raise the pressure
04 by accident
05 shifting people
06 way of anger
07 espionage version
08 choices undone
09 sub divider
10 all i want
11 the magma of war
12 torch