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  • Phil Von. Blind Ballet. CD.
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Phil Von. Blind Ballet. CD.


Product Description

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A blind man feels his way, guided only by the sensations of sounds around him, walking through composite landscapes, sometimes concrete or musical, sometimes unreal, fictitious or synthetic, mutating constantly but layering like brushstrokes of sonic paint along his hesitant steps. from dusk to dawn, he wanders on a path sprinkled with touches of natural elements; water, air, earth, fire, glass, with the perceptions of humans; murmurs, breaths, crackles, snatches of voices, with manifestations of sudden granular waves or aural perfumes from unknown distant lands. here he perceives presences, there he guesses mysteries. maybe a bigger story is somehow slowly unfolding before his stimulated ears. with this solo album, sprawling somewhere in between melodious electronica, lush ambient, musique concrète, and abstract experimental sounds, phil von took a break off von magnet's shores. now he confides within us these intimate imaginary ballets, inviting us to contemplate his invisible trances, some of which he composed for dance, street theatre and performance. twelve individual parts created for different occasions have been carefully concerted for this exceptional artist's first solo release since years. a captivating acoustic puzzle suitable to open up the listener's imaginary eyes. you are asked for a dance - please accept the invitation.

Track Listing

01. chien et loup?
02. bleeding caress
03. chip chop
04. lost ballet
05. blind crystals
06. taire
07. loss of balance
08. 2 lovers on 1 string
09. wire dancer
10. feu
11. without wings
12. pindal (para luz)