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  • Peter Murphy. aLive Justforlove. 2CD.
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Peter Murphy. aLive Justforlove. 2CD.

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As the key member of the early art rock pioneers known as Bauhaus, Peter Murphy has impacted the world with his deep sensual singing and heart-felt lyrics. This double CD is a live document of his solo career, recorded in Los Angeles in 2000. It is brilliantly recorded, crisp and clear, with top-notch production. All the Peter Murphy favorites are included, as well as a cover of Elvis's ''Love Me Tender.''

Product Videos

aLive Just For Love - 08 - A Strange Kind of Love (04:21)
Lyrics: A strange kind of love A strange kind of feeling Swims through your eyes And like the doors To a wide vast dominion They open to your prize This is no terror ground Or place for the rage No broken hearts White wash lies Just a taste for the truth Perfect taste choice and meaning A look into your eyes Blind to the gemstone alone A smile from a frown circles round Should he stay or should he go Let him shout a rage so strong A rage that knows no right or wrong And take a little piece of you There is no middle ground Or that's how it seems For us to walk or to take Instead we tumble down Either side left or right To love or to hate From Peter Murphy's aLive Just For Love Buy it here: www.amazon.com or Get it on iTunes: itunes.apple.com
  • aLive Just For...
    Lyrics: A strange kind of love A strange kind of feeling Swims...
  • Peter Murphy -...
    Album: aLive Just For Love Songs: Hope (Midnight Proposal) / L...

Track Listing


01. Cool Cool Breeze
02. All Night Long
03. Keep Me from Harm
04. Indigo Eyes
05. Subway
06. I'll Fall with Your Knife
07. Mariene Dietrich's Favourite Poem
08. A Strange Kind of Love
09. My Last Two Weeks
10. Big Love of a Tiny fool
11. Gliding Like a Whale
12. Cuts You Up
13. Time Has Got Nothing to Do with It
14. Angelic Harmony


01. Who Killed Mr. Moonlight
02. All We Ever Wanted was Everything
03. Hope (Midnight Proposal)
04. Love Me Tender