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  • Peter Baumann. Machines of Desire. CD.
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Peter Baumann. Machines of Desire. CD.


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From 1971 to 1977 Peter Baumann was a member of legendary TANGERINE DREAM, the inventors of the electronic music genre "Berlin School." He produced many seminal records in his Paragon studio (e.g. Schnitzler, Cluster, Roedelius...) and released several successful solo albums. ‘Machines of Desire’ is his first solo album since 1983 (!). Baumann: "Machines of Desire is filled with many influences, not least of them, my time with Tangerine Dream. Recording this album has been a very rich experience that fulfilled my creative desires, with more to come."

Product Videos

Peter Baumann - Dust to Dust (06:21)
'Dust to Dust' the first video from Peter Baumann's forthcoming album 'Machines of Desire' (Headphones recommended) Created by: Zaya and Maurizio Benazzo Images copyrighted by Ryoji Ikeda. Use permitted under Creative Common. Ryoji Ikeda :: the planck universe [micro], JUN 21 – AUG 9 2015, ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE on Vimeo Ryoji Ikeda :: data.path, 26 SEP 2013 – 5 JAN 2014, Espacio Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, ES on Vimeo Ryoji Ikeda : test pattern [times square], 2014 on Vimeo Other images by: Conor Grabel, VJ Equiloud, VJ Catmac, Nagesh Kandel
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    'Dust to Dust' the first video from Peter Baumann's forthcomin...
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    Searching in Vain - second video from Peter Baumann's album 'M...

Track Listing

01 The blue Dream
02 Searching in Vain
03 Valley of the Gods
04 Echoes in the Cave
05 Ordinary Wonder
06 Crossing the Abyss
07 Dancing in the Dark
08 Dust to Dust