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  • Pavla Mikulasova. Mirror. CD.

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Pavla Mikulasova. Mirror. CD.

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Pavla's music mirrors her true self, and hence flows freely.  The sounds and words in her debut CD, "Mirror", are born from her past and mingled with her future. The choir and organ which she heard during her early years in church and the sounds of nature come together, mixing dreams and memories.  The world of cinema with its scope for dreaming influenced Pavla as she listened to soundtrack after soundtrack, absorbing the music and all it represented.  This first music love now transpires through the innovative arrangements of Pavla’s original piano compositions.  Pavla wrote "Magic Mirror" as a reflection of woman and women, and it is the woman’s voice of Nastassja Kinski  which enriches the track in this recording. Roberto Conforti of Pulcher Femina deepens the tone with his voice in "Overdose". "Grandmother" is dedicated to the very woman who represented freedom for Pavla - in her grandmother's garden  she was free to dream, free to think, free to listen. While her youth was spent listening to the conversations of the old, today the voices of children recall those years.  In "Mirror" these voices are joined as one and are the expression of the clash between Pavla's inner self and the outside world in her search for personal freedom.

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pavla mikulasova - winter (04:14)
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    video title: wintermusic by pavla mikulasovaproduced by decada...

Track Listing

01. Anonymous day
02. Black out
03. Desaparecidos
04. Grandmother
05. The little angels
06. Lullaby
07. Overdose
08. Sweet dreams
09. Sweet girl
10. The horses
11. The magic mirror
12. Timeless