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  • Panzerfaust. Jehova-jireh: The Divine Anti-logos. CD.

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Panzerfaust. Jehova-jireh: The Divine Anti-logos. CD.

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Canada's premier black metal band Panzerfaust presents their 3rd full length release. Without a doubt their most vicious offering to date, featuring nine epic masterpieces of blast beats and tremolo riffs, layered with deep screams and unconventional song structures. "JEHOVA-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos" features top production, mastered in Sweden by Magnus Andersson of Markduk. The songs range from anti-religious standpoints to deep rooted interests in military/war history, with a philosophical and metaphysical approach on the lyrical themes. Panzerfaust regards itself only with the free-thinking nature of its own doctrine-the righteous will of rebellion-the very core value of Black Metal. Panzerfaust have toured with Immortal, Marduk, Vital Remains, Toxic Holocaust, plus more.

Product Videos

PANZERFAUST - "The LORD is a Man of War..." PREVIEW (01:16)
In event of the new album "JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos" PANZERFAUST have released a preview for the new music video for the song: "The LORD is a Man of War, The LORD is His Name" "JEHOVA-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logos" will be released on February 11th, 2013 through Boonsdale Records. Official website: www.panzerfaustblackmetal.com Boonsdale Records www.boonsdalerecords.com Facebook www.facebook.com FUCK YOUR KVLT.
    In event of the new album "JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Divine Anti-logo...

Track Listing

I. Jehovah-jireh
II. Ephphatha
III. The Mirror of Mirrors
IV. "The LORD is a Man of War, The LORD is His Name"
V. Spear of Famine
VI. Holy Living, Holy Dying
VII. ..And Jesus Wept
VIII. Alpha / Omega: Twilight of the Anti-sphere
IX. The Apple of Infinite Knowledge