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  • Pankow. Kunst & Wahnsinn.
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Pankow. Kunst & Wahnsinn. CD.

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Product Description

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"Art & Madness" is for sure one of the most thrilling songs in EBM history! Not only it was the FIRST EVER release on the now ‘legendary’ ZOTH OMMOG label, it also laid the foundation for the international breakthrough of a project/band, that was in existance since 1979. Coming all the way from Italy "Pankow" have invented the "punk" edge into electronic music! While the project was highly successful during the 80ies in their ‘homeland’ Italy, it was only with the album ‘Freiheit für die Sklaven’ (1987) and the 12” ‘Kunst & Wahnsinn’ (1988) that they got known across the borders. 1989 – 1993 saw the band on the peak of their success, with tours all over the world (incl. 28 dates in USA and Canada) and their albums being licensed by labels such as Wax Trax & Roir (USA), Play it Again Sam + KK Records (B), Technodrome International, Zoth Ommog & Cash Beat (D) and many others – and Pankow were the first Electro/Industrial band to release an album ‘behind the Iron Curtain’ in Czech Republic in 1991 (‘Svobody!’) "Pankow" are genius combining the "art" of sampling and entertainment with a massive part of musical "madness". Scene classics such as “Sickness taking over”, "Wet" (an early version of ‘Me and My Ding-Dong’!), "Touch", "Gimme More", "Girls'n Boys" and of course "Kunst und Wahnsinn" have become alltime classics! As part 24 of the Infacted Recordings classics series we pay tribute to this fabulous electronic band headed by Maurizio Fasolo who himself choose and remastered all 12 songs on this CD masterpiece! A true must have for all fans of EBM and electronic music in general! The CD presents classic tunes as well as unreleased and rare material and is as always limited to only 1.000 copies worldwide! So be fast to get your hands on this outstanding piece of art!

Product Videos

Pankow - Kunst und Wahnsinn (07:35)
Elektro - Combo aus Italien
  • Pankow - Kunst...
    Elektro - Combo aus Italien

Track Listing

01 Kunst und Wahnsinn 7:28
02 Art and Madness 6:27
03 Wet 4:05
04 Touch (Thumping Pumping Dubbing Version) 5:44
05 Sickness Taking Over (Sick Version) 4:33
06 Revolution 2:48
07 Gimme More (Much More Rejected) 4:36
08 Kunst Und Wahnsinn (The 3rd Remix) 5:41
09 Touch (Tallateen Remix) 5:17
10 Girls'n Boys (Hard Dub) 7:20
11 Kunst und Wahnsinn (Live at Amadeus-Florence 1987) 6:38
12 Der Mussolini (Live at The Shadow-Kansas City, MO, USA 1990) 4:31