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Panic Lift. Witness To Our Collapse. CD.

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Absolutely essential, Panic Lift's sophomore effort after the EP Dancing Through the Ashes is a monumental collection of songs, nearly any of which could stand on their own as singles. With the concussive force of a runaway supercollider, Panic Lift exploded onto the industrial music scene in 2006, and they instantly careened to the forefront of the NYC industrial music scene. Word of mouth and their live shows across the Northeast and California saw the debut EP quickly sell out, leaving fans waiting in anticipation of a full-length album. And now Hive Records is pleased to release Witness to Our Collapse, a masterpiece of storming beats, memory-searing hooks and flawless production.

Equally destructive on the dancefloor as it is with more reflective listening, this album is a testament to the ideology that industrial music can be both agressive and epic, as well as carefully crafted. The songwriting transcends the repetitive, predictable cliches of current cookie-cutter releases in the hard electronic scene and proves that the future of industrial music is here, and it's going to kick you right in the fucking face.

Pounding, chestplate-stomping beats and pulsing throbs of bass send convulsions through your body, while the razorwire synth lines and emotive fragments of piano and guitar pull a wicked smile across your face. Featuring more than a couple of surprises, this is not an album to be missed, and will set the bar irretrievably high for other acts in the EBM and electro-industrial scene. Released on Hive and available August 26, 2008.


Track Listing

01. Prologue
02. Everything I Have
03. Failsafe
04. Hold On
05. Shelter
06. Witness to Our Collapse
07. Remnants of a Dead Age
08. No Trace to Love
09. Seasons Change
10. Dawn of Fate
11. Save Yourself
12. Butterfly Wings (My Only Hope)