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  • Oureboros. Mysterium Tremendum. CD.
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Oureboros. Mysterium Tremendum. CD.


Product Description

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Oureboros' 2nd release took inspiration from various places: the Scottish highlands, the Californian desert and the forests of Ontario. Most of the tracks were started by Aron West & Rich Oddie (ORPHX) in Canada, while a few others were started by collaborative works between Rich and Norman Shaw, a visual/sound artist from Scotland. Paul Hogeterp, who contributed to the first album, returns again with beautiful work on lap steel guitar and violin.

As with the debut, all of the tracks are improvised and then edited. Compared with the first album, 'mysterium tremendum' reveals a more percussive side of the project, foregrounding their industrial and metal influences. A diverse array of sprits, styles and sounds is presented here, from powerful drones and harsh industrial dissonances to abstract free-form experiments. This is an album that is simultaneously dark, beautiful, caustic, and certainly atmospheric, evoking the experiences that inspired it.

Track Listing

01 Summon the Void
02 Hive Mind
03 Ajna
04 Vastarien
05 Under the Black Sun
06 Eternal Night
07 Burning Starlight
08 Born in Blood
09 Mysterium Tremendum
10 Embers