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  • Orange Sector. Night Terrors. CD.
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Orange Sector. Night Terrors. CD.

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Product Description

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A few years after their debut “Faith” (1993) back in the days of the legendary Zoth Ommog label, “Orange Sector” took a break before they returned in 2005 with their “Best of” release “Here we are (back again).” Ten years after – TODAY – the two man EBM pioneers from Hannover/Germany return once again with “Night Terrors.” Ten massive new EBM songs plus 3 great mixes to terrorize your nights! The opening track “Brain- dead” reminds of good old ‘purist’ NITZER EBB style. “Monoton” is a typical Orange Sector smash followed by the latest single “Glasmensch.” “Burn in Hell,” the German “Rebell” and “Protest” are pure dance floor hits before songs such as “Das erfrorene Herz” or “Z.O.M.B.I.E.” slow down the speed a bit. “Das letzte Lied” (the last song) and the mixes of “Burn in Hell,” “Rebell” as well as the massive “Martin Bodewell Remix” of “Sturm” speed it all up again to end this EBM smash album with a Bang! ‘Night Terrors’ is nothing than pure EBM at its best!

Track Listing

01 Braindead
02 Monoton
03 Glasmensch
04 Burn in Hell
05 Rebell
06 Protest
07 Das erfrorene Herz
08 Wir sind Mensch
09 Z.O.M.B.I.E.
10 Das letzte Lied
11 Burn in hell (fu*king lies mix)
12 Rebell (Club mix)
13 Sturm (Martin Bodewell remix)