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  • Orange Sector. Endzeit. 2CD.

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Orange Sector. Endzeit. 2CD.

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Product Description

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Double-CD at the price of 1! Celebrating 25 (!) years of activity, Orange Sector – once signed to Zoth Ommog (1992-1998) – deliver an amazing compilation, that includes ALL the big hits of the ‘second period’ of activity (2005-2017), all in RE-RECORDED and NEW, ‘pimped up’ versions! CD2 is a massive collection of 17 [!] great remixes by the band itself and acclaimed artists from the Electro/EBM-scene: Plastic Noise Experience, Ad:Key, Frontal, Nordarr, Ionic Vision, NZ, Blitzmaschine, Run Level Zero… CD1 also features a great cover of Depeche Mode’s ‘Pleasure, little treasure’ and ‘Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen’, a song dedicated to Hannover mass murder “Fritz Haamann.” With the latter the band covers a dark era in the history of German city Hannover... 

“25 years, a quarter of a century sounds long but doesn’t feel like this,” says Martin Bodewell, “we could have easily just compiled the old songs but instead opted to deliver something fresh and special to our fans!”

Product Videos

Orange Sector - Endzeit (03:17)
Official orange.sector music video. "Endzeit" is taken from the album "Krieg & Frieden" (2010)
  • Orange Sector ...
    Official orange.sector music video. "Endzeit" is taken from th...

Track Listing

01 Tanzbefehl
02 Dynamit
03 R.I.P.
04 Untertage
05 Krieg und Frieden
06 Endzeit
07 I hate You
08 Der Maschinist
09 Geile Zeit
10 Glasmensch
11 Monoton
12 Terroristen
13 Farben
14 Pleasure, little Treasure
15 Warte, warte nur ein Weilchen
16 Das letzte Lied

01 Monoton (NZ rmx)
02 Glasmensch (Plastic Noise Experience rmx)
03 Der Maschinist (Angstfabrikk rmx)
04 Krieg und Frieden (AD/Key rmx)
05 Geile Zeit (Frontal rmx)
06 Götter (Zweite Jugend rmx)
07 I Hate Oyu (Fucking Noise mix)
08 Touch (Club mix)
09 Endzeit (Wellencocktail rmx)
10 Sturm (Martin Bodewell rmx)
11 Terroristen (Dominatrix rmx)
12 Untertage (Ionic Vision rmx)
13 Im Stahlwerk (NordarR rmx)
14 Farben (Blitzmaschine rmx)
15 Tanzbefehl (Run Level Zero rmx)
16 Pleasure, Little Treasure (Alternative Bass rmx)
17 Das Letzte Lied (Lars Timm Felker rmx)