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  • Northern Lite. Memory Leaks. Vinyl+CD.

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Northern Lite. Memory Leaks. Vinyl+CD.

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One of the most gifted electronic pop acts from Germany will be back with its 9th studio-album in november! The new Northern Lite album appears homogenous and tight as never before. The voice of Andreas Kubat coalesces with the music and moves in it. Everything seems to be flowing, sometimes slowed down, sometimes hastened, everytime alive. Let's Run Trough The Night, The World Turns, Visual Effects - the change is in every song, you can hear the gradual regeneration.

The Band had a hard summer long days & nights in the studio, isolated from the city and its lights and far away from a break. The desire coins the new tracks like Night, whose vocals get lost in time. Every song is like a shadow, like something without a border, everytime a bit addicted to the rest of the world, the next track and the own feeling. Northern Lite collected all their memories on album number nine and gave them space in hymnic but very close melodies and lyrics. Goosebumps get mixed with a feeling of bliss, sadness is broken by euphoria and in the end you have songs like Yoavs We All Are Dancing and Sir Wiliam Blakes London releasing us from old things and allow a lot of fresh light. Northern Lite also has a long list of remix credits dating back to 2001; among the more notable are Peaches' Set it off (2002), Rammstein's Rosenrot (2005), Schiller's Die Nacht... (2005) and Yello's Planet Dada (2005)."

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Track Listing

01 One you need 02 The World turns 03 Night 04 Let's run (through the Night) 04 Visual Effects 05 We all are dancing 07 Regret 08 London 09 Stars 10 If