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  • Noisuf-X. 10 Years of Riot. 2CD.
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Noisuf-X. 10 Years of Riot. 2CD.

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Product Description

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On the occasion of NOISUF-X's 10th anniversary, ProNoize releases a career-spanning retrospective double-CD in deluxe Digipak, that features ALL hits from the debut ‘Antipode’ to the latest album ‘Invasion’. Plenty versions are deleted for years or previously unreleased. 10 years Tam-Tams, 10 years Tinnitus, 10 years Hit Me Hard, 10 years Orgasm, 10 years Krach Bumm and 10 years full of club hits. Therefore we say THANK YOU!!! As a special thank-you gift for all fans, which have supported the band within the last 10 years, the limited first edition (in a beautiful digipak) includes a bonus cd with 4 new tracks and previously unreleased material from the project's early days. We are looking forward to the next 10 years (and more)! …cause silence is a privilege!  

Track Listing

Tracks CD1:
01 Die Tam-Tams klopfen nicht mehr [Intro-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from ANTIPODE
02 Happy Birthday - taken from ANTIPODE
03 Jezebel [Exclusive Mix] (released auf Sündenfall Vol.5) - taken from TINNITUS
04 Tinnitus [Akustikusneurinom Version] (released auf Zillo Club Hits 11) taken from TINNITUS
05 My Time [Hurry-Up-Mix] (released auf Advanced Electronics Vol5) - taken from TINNITUS
06 Hit Me hard [As Hard As You Can-Mix] (released auf Endzeig Bunkertracks Vol3) - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
07 Orgasm - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
08 Toccata del Terrore - taken from BEAUTY OF DESTRUCTION
09 Krach Bumm - taken from VOODOO RITUAL
10 Noise And Bouncing - taken from VOODOO RITUAL
11 Deutschland braucht Bewegung - taken from EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE
12 Aggrophil - taken from EXCESSIVE EXPOSURE
13 Wir Fuehlen Den Krach [Dangerous Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from DEAD END DISTRICT
14 Clubhit - taken from DEAD END DISTRICT
15 Warning - taken from WARNING
16 Du musst tanzen [Wake Up Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from WARNING
17 Scary looking Thing - taken from WARNING
18 The typical Fuck You Song [Wait-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from INVASION
19 Stille ist ein Privileg [Auf-Empfang-Mix] (unreleased mix) - taken from INVASION
01 P-S-D [2015 Demo]
02 Play it loud [2015 Demo]
03 Big Bang [2015 Demo]
04 Be a Doer [2015 Demo]
05 Warning [feat. Javi Ssagittar] (from ‘Resistanz Compilation 2013’)
06 Hard Attack [2013 unfinished Demo]
07 First Time Optimistic [Industry Mix]
08 Grufti Alarm [2012 unfinished]
09 Flashback [2013 unfinished]
10 Goahead [2010 unreleased demo]
11 Go [2005 unreleased]
12 Routineauftrag [2006 unreleased]
13 Traumfänger [2005 unreleased]
14 Vollmond [2005 unreleased]