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  • Noise Unit. Strategy Of Violence. 2LP Test Pressing.
  • Noise Unit. Strategy Of Violence. 2LP Test Pressing.

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Noise Unit. Strategy Of Violence. 2LP Test Pressing.

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Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly, Delerium) started Noise Unit in 1989, originally with Marc Verhaeghen of Belgian act Klinik. The project was envisioned as an outlet for ideas that did not fit into Front Line Assembly and quickly became a favourite amongst Leeb's fanbase. After one album with Verhaeghen (Grinding Into Emptiness, released on Wax Trax), Rhys Fulber joined the band, and the three members produced Response Frequency in 1990.

Following this, Noise Unit became a duo with Leeb and Fulber at the helm. This incarnation created two spellbinding EBM records, Strategy of Violence and Decoder, both released as CD-only albums in the early 90s. The magic of the Leeb-Fulber writing duo is in full force on these records, an incredible knack for pure EBM, Canadian-style: driving basslines, steel-can drums, dystopian vocoded vocals, and spacy synth lines!

Now, for the first time ever, Strategy of Violence is reissued as a wonderful double-LP vinyl. The record is remastered, artwork is restored, and the entire set is housed in an incredible gatefold sleeve. What's more, Bill Leeb dug deep into the archives and found two ridiculously amazing unreleased bonus tracks, which appear only on this Artoffact Records edition. If that was not enough, Side D of the record includes a beautiful etching designed specifically for this re-release. A must have!

Product Videos

Noise Unit - Hollow Ground (06:33)
A classic from the album "Strategy of Violence" (1992).
  • Noise Unit - H...
    A classic from the album "Strategy of Violence" (1992).
  • Noise Unit - C...
    From the album Strategy of Violence (1992).

Track Listing

Side A
1. Corroded Decay
2. Hollow Ground
3. Hate You Feel

Side B
4. Assault
5. Carnage
6. Kick To Kill
7. Alle Gegen Alles

Side C
8. The Passage
9. No Soul, No Fear
10. Retract (Unreleased Bonus track)
11. All Fallen (Unreleased Bonus track)

Side D
Epic etching!