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  • Noise Unit. Grinding Into Emptiness. Vinyl + 7" Vinyl (Retina-Blue).
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Noise Unit. Grinding Into Emptiness. Vinyl + 7" Vinyl (Retina-Blue).

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This edition on limited retina-blue vinyl!

Originally released in 1989 on the influential Antler-Subway and Wax Trax! labels, Noise Unit's debut album, Grinding Into Emptiness, finally gets a proper reissue through Toronto-based Artoffact Records.


Featuring the original line-up of Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly) and Marc Verhaeghen (Klinik), the first Noise Unit is a minimal industrial-EBM hybrid, perhaps best described as a pared-down Front Line Assembly. And yet it has a style and voice all its own, as Belgian cold electronics meet the signature Canadian, Vancouver industrial sound of the mid-80s. From the opening shouts of the original single Deceit, to the cold, low-tech of Dry Lungs or the familiar samples of Ritualistic, up until the incredible ambient closer, The End, Grinding Into Emptiness is magnificent.

The Artoffact Records reissue comes on two slabs of vinyl, one 12" and one 7", and is housed in a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve. The artist and title lettering has been redone in gold-foil, giving the final product an elegance it truly deserves. All audio is remastered and fully authorized.

Available formats:

Black vinyl
Retina-blue collector's vinyl
Red-clear half-half effect: 125 copies only!

All vinyl editions come with a bonus Deceit/Struktur 7" on black vinyl.

CD digipak

Product Videos

Noise Unit - Collapsed (04:37)
"Collapsed", track 3 from Noise Unit's first album, "Grinding Into Emptiness" (1989). Out of print.
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Track Listing

A Deceit
B Struktur

Side A
1 Collapsed
2 Dry Lungs
3 Crash + Honour
4 A Place To Lay Your Head
5 Ritualistic

Side B
1 Dismembered Quietly
2 No Colour
3 Silent Scream
4 The End (Parts I, II & III)