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  • Noise Unit. Grinding Into Emptiness. CD Digipak.
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Noise Unit. Grinding Into Emptiness. CD Digipak.

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Originally released in 1989 on the influential Antler-Subway and Wax Trax! labels, Noise Unit's debut album, Grinding Into Emptiness, finally gets a proper reissue through Toronto-based Artoffact Records.


Featuring the original line-up of Bill Leeb (Front Line Assembly) and Marc Verhaeghen (Klinik), the first Noise Unit is a minimal industrial-EBM hybrid, perhaps best described as a pared-down Front Line Assembly. And yet it has a style and voice all its own, as Belgian cold electronics meet the signature Canadian, Vancouver industrial sound of the mid-80s. From the opening shouts of the original single Deceit, to the cold, low-tech of Dry Lungs or the familiar samples of Ritualistic, up until the incredible ambient closer, The End, Grinding Into Emptiness is magnificent.

The Artoffact Records reissue comes in a faithfully restored digipak edition. All audio is remastered and fully authorized.

Product Videos

Noise Unit - Collapsed (04:37)
"Collapsed", track 3 from Noise Unit's first album, "Grinding Into Emptiness" (1989). Out of print.
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Track Listing

1 Deceit
2 Struktur
3 Collapsed
4 Dry Lungs
5 Crash + Honour
6 A Place To Lay Your Head
7 Ritualistic
8 Dismembered Quietly
9 No Colour
10 Silent Scream
11 The End (Parts I, II & III)