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Neutral Lies. A deceptive calm. CD.

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Product Description

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Hailing from Lille close to Belgium and its electronical influence, Neutral Lies deliver a blend pop melodies à la Camouflage and minimal electronics à là Absolute Body Control. But the band is far from imitating the past, and does not limit to good old references but also injects some techno influences in their sound - especially and unexpectedly in their more mid-tempo tracks. The quality of both songwriters and vocalists of the duo, make their debut album "A Deceptive Calm" a unique piece to discover, and make you dive slowly into it with each listening. Not an attempt to make dancefloor hit killers, but a whole and consistent album of 11 well-written melancholic electronic songs. Another great discovery for this small but high quality label! Released on Boredom Product and available July 9th, 2010.<

Track Listing

01 (In Your) Neutral Eyes
02 Commuters
03 S.X. Girls
04 Introspection
05 Between Glasses and Reward
06 Laugh at first Sight
07 Rose in the Coffin
08 Waking up on a Battle Field
09 Le Fou d’Echec
10 Nostalgia
11 Slough of Despond

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