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  • Neun Welten. The Sea I'm Diving In. 2CD Digibook.

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Neun Welten. The Sea I'm Diving In. 2CD Digibook.

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Product Description

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"The Sea I'm Diving In" is the third full-length release of German dark folk collective Neun Welten and the band's first album of new material since 2009's "Destrunken". It shows Neun Welten take an adventurous musical shift, adding captivating vocals to most songs while incorporating post-rock electric guitars to its base of rich instrumentation.

German for "Nine Worlds", Neun Welten charms listeners with cinematic storytelling that blends elements of neofolk and post-rock with a film score focus. The first-ever Neun Welten record to include English lyrics -- some adapted from the writings of Edgar Allen Poe -- "The Sea I'm Diving In" boasts an unshakable charm that grows stronger as the album plays out.

"The Sea I'm Diving In" also features the talents of Niko Knappe, singer of Neun Welten labelmates Dark Suns, who plays all drums on the album, co-arranged a number of songs and wrote additional lyrics.

Whether dark and driving or pastoral, powerful or mystical, Neun Welten effortlessly takes the listeners to their own magic world and the journey begins anew with the release of "The Sea I'm Diving In".

Track Listing

01. Intro
02. Drowning
03. The Dying Swan
04. Cursed
05. Nocturnal Rhymes
06. Floating Mind
07. Earth Vein
08. Lonesome October
09. Lorn
10. Human Fail
11. In Mourning

01. Spellbound
02. Old Home
03. The Dying Swan