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  • Near Earth Orbit. Mission E.D.E.N. CD.
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Near Earth Orbit. Mission E.D.E.N. CD.


Product Description

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The final chapter of the END OF ALL EXISTENCE trilogy that is a window into the future! N.E.O. is a project by Artaud Seth (GARDEN OF DELIGHT, MERCIFUL NUNS) and Ashley Dayour (WHISPERS IN THE SHADOW, THE DEVIL & THE UNIVERSE). Brilliant, visionary, bodacious – attributes that describe the Dayour & Seth project rather well. The film’s inherent visual prowess and power alone and especially in conjunction with the amazing score of NEAR EARTH ORBIT is truly formidable, awesome and certain to blow the listener’s mind and senses. In a time of stupefying mainstream works and boring sequels one must simply pay homage in gratitude for the complex content. With their soundtrack and in their unique inconceivable way, the two architects of sound Artaud Seth and Ashley Dayour manage to unreel an imaginary movie in the listener’s mind. This film does not require a movie theatre.  It requires your intellect. NEAR EARTH ORBIT delivers a complex blockbuster masterpiece with a perfect mixture of post-apocalypse, paranoia and fiction. 2034, Cult!

Track Listing

01 The Architects
02 Aftermath
03 World without us
04 Inocular
05 Mission E.D.E.N.
06 Low
07 E.D.E.N.
08 The Beginning