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  • Nash The Slash. Bedside Companion. Vinyl.
  • Nash The Slash. Bedside Companion. Vinyl.
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Nash The Slash. Bedside Companion. Vinyl.


Product Description

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Juno-nominated Canadian cult-hero Nash the Slash's early catalogue is set to be reissued through Canadian label Artoffact Records.

Artoffact will reissue CD and vinyl remasters of Nash's first record, Dreams & Nightmares, as well as his most popular full-length Children of The Night, the super-rare live album Hammersmith Holocaust, and the EP Bedside Companion. Long-time Nash admirer Gary Numan has penned the liner notes for Hammersmith Holocaust.

Nash the Slash's debut 12" came in the form of Bedside Companion, a four-track EP that Nash claimed was the first ever that could be played at two speeds (45 RPM and 33 1/3 RPM). Later, when the material was released on CD, both speeds were recorded to extend the EP to eight tracks. This eight track version never appeared on vinyl until now.

Artoffact Records reissues the complete Bedside Companion as an eight track 12" EP. A special edition half-and-half black/white version limited to 100 copies is available, as well as a standard black vinyl.

Product Videos

Nash the Slash -- Bedside companion (03:10)
m'still so sad, Jeff .. This is your own soundtrack .. for the rare ones with a similar emotional core The soundtrack of fading away ..
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Track Listing

Side A: Bedside Companion
1. Fever Dream
2. Masquerade
3. Blind Windows
4. The Million-Year Picnic

Side B: The Marsden Versions
5. Fever Dream (Marsden)
6. Masquerade (Marsden)
7. Blind Windows (Marsden)
8. The Million-Year Picnic (Marsden)