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Myk Jung. The Shine Of Her Cold Eyes. CD.

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"The Shine Of Her Cold Eyes" is an extract of and an addition to the album "Zenith Is Decline", a composure of ballads, created by Myk Jung, the voice of The Fair Sex. With this work he introduces a yet unknown side of his creativity: fragile song-jewels ruled by a deep melancholia. The titletrack of the MCD is Myk's favorite song of the whole collection. This touching song is followed up by a tightened version of the dramatic "Ten Thousand Centuries", (a homage on Eleven-stories written by Tolkien). The very minimalist, reduced acoustic-guitar-song "Adrift", yet unreleased, will seem like an urban protest song against the world itself, marred by mankind. "Staggering" presents an unusual new-construction/ re-shaping: onto the basis of the instrumental "Flight V" Myk installed a totally new-invented vocalpart that lends the song a kind of bluesy note. The final track, "The Name Of Endless Yearning" is new version of the song, in which frail acoustic guitars replace the initial wall of sound. Released on Endless and available December 1st, 2006.