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  • Motorjesus. Electric Revelation. CD.
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Motorjesus. Electric Revelation. CD.

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Electric Revelation, the fourth album from German hardrock crew Motorjesus bursts upon us in early 2014 like a wrecking ball, but the real thing, not the Miley Cyrus knock-off. What Metal Hammer called "one of the most talented" bands in Germany pulls no punches on twelve tracks of explosive heavy-metal, howling stoner-rock and riff-crunching mania, punctuated by singer Chris Birx's most excellent vocals. The new album took over two years to write, record, and produce, and the result is a tighter, meatier Motorjesus, a headbanging, nasty piece of work that will renew your faith in the mighty riff.

Rich, monster fat riffs and downright charismatic vocals.
-Jürgen Tschamler, Heavy

With its red-hot mix of Metal, Stoner Rock, Doom and grunge Motorjesus is one of the most talented and amazing German formations.
-Matthias Mineur, Metal Hammer

-Thomas Copper, Rock Hard

Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the best album of 2010 [Wheels of Purgatory].
-Ingo Nentwig, metal.de

Smack it in your car stereo when the red line reaches summer-time.
-Rock Freaks

Track Listing

1. The Arrival
2. Trouble in Motor City
3. The Run
4. Speed of the Beast
5. Back in the Action Car
6. Rust
7. 100,000 Volt Survivor
8. Electric Revelation
9. Midnight Rider
10. The Warning
11. Resurrection Man
12. Dead Army
13. The Right Hand of the Devil