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  • Monster Movie. Monster Movie EP.

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Monster Movie. Monster Movie EP.

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The origins of Monster Movie can be traced back to a band called Eternal who released one single on the esteemed UK indie label Sarah Records and played one gig in 1990. Christian was also already the guitarist in Slowdive who were signed to Creation Records. Slowdive released three albums between 1991 and 1995 before disbanding. But I'm sure you knew that. Then followed a period of disenchantment as Britain was gripped by Britpop and Mod karaoke. Monster Movie were formed in January 2000. They decided to play instruments they didn't know how to play and to detune instruments they did know how to play as a device to avoid convention and boredom. They were interested in writing simple detuned melodies. Between March and September 2000, Monster Movie recorded five songs with Martin Nichols at the White House studio, the same producer and studio used for the first Eternal demo in 1989. The results are a shining accomplishment of impossibly catchy guitarpop, with hints of shoegaze (chugging fuzz bass and swirling, effects-laden guitar work), dronepop (witness "Rovaniemi" with it's layers-upon-layers of effects, keyboard drones, guitar feedback...) and overall just a fantastic sense of pop melody. Monster Movie's songcrafting will make these tunes a permanent fixture in your memory bank. Christian's vocals ride atop with confidence, while the backing vocals of guest Louise Hewson provide the ultimate perfect touch.