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Monster Movie. All Lost.

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Imagine that it's sometime between twilight and dawn deep in the middle of winter. You can't sleep, and you sit up and turn on the radio, just to fill the quiet. When you reach the end of the dial, something happens; where there has never before been anything but empty air, music is filtering through the static. It is pure and beautiful and sounds like nothing you have ever heard--reminiscent of what you might think the aurora borealis would sound like, or maybe the snow falling outside.

Welcome to Monster Movie's latest album, All Lost. The third full-length offering from Christian Savill (Slowdive) and Sean Hewson, All Lost features supremely melodic and ethereal pop laden with distortion, otherworldly effects and strangely radiant drone. Vocals are clear and serene, and include meltingly lovely contributions from Rachel Staggs (Experimental Aircraft, Eau Claire).

With twelve tracks of dreamy, crystalline music spun out of faraway starlight and falling shadows, this album will wrap your heart up in its pale blue shimmer and keep you forever. Features also exclusive artwork by William Schaff. Released on Artoffact and available May 16th, 2006.