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  • Mono no Aware. OTO. CD.
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Mono no Aware. OTO. CD.


Product Description

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Five years after his ambitious Tatema/Honnae album, HANDS powerhouse Leif Künzel returns with his sixth album in 17 years. Expect a good hour of concise and on-spot rhythm noise cuts, relentlessly upfront and raw, just the way they have made Mono No Aware a much revered live act and regular on the upper slots of the big festivals. But be aware that amid the maelstrom of tenacious rhythms and the trademark wall of noise, some canny production details lie hidden and wait to be discovered. OTO includes remixes by Project Erratic and industrial veteran Philipp Münch.

OTO truly succeeds in its goal to reveal the essence of noise, through a self-referential consolidation as well as by peeking out of the box. OTO demands your attention!

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Mono No Aware - F12 (04:49)
Album : Oto
  • Mono No Aware ...
    Album : Oto

Track Listing

01 Fade in
02 Where the deep Grass grows
03 Aware
04 72
05 Sabi
06 Furafurafura (Philipp Münch remix)
07 Red Devils with Blue Eyes
08 Kirschberg
09 2nd Face
10 New Cut (Full)
11 Transient Life
12 Minikuininatta
13 F12
14 2nd Face (Project Erratic remix)
15 Kaki
16 Übergang