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  • Mlada Fronta. Outrunner. Red Vinyl.

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Mlada Fronta. Outrunner. Red Vinyl.

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"Outrunner" is the perfect complement for the CD ‘Outrun’: it offers 4 EXCLUSIVE tracks, 3 Club Remixes and only 1 track that is also included in the CD version! All this comes packed with a splendid artwork and on a red transparent vinyl 12". Once again with "Outrunner" you will get your injection of speed and energy, all the ingredients of intelligent electronic music made for the dancefloor are here.

Product Videos

Mlada Fronta OUTRUN album teaser 2016 (07:20)
Official release date : february 5th, 2016 on M-Tronic Records OUTRUN album track listing: 01 Melt Into The Road - 02 200MPH - 03 Speed For Life - 04 Straight Ahead - 05 Outrun - 06 Simulator 1983 - 07 Wild Race - 08 Roller Coaster - 09 Dust Cloud - 10 Take The Leap - 11 Midnight Drive 3 different options are available for pre-orders: * CD 11 tracks * 12" Red Vinyl Edition 8 tracks (unreleased and exclusive remixes) * Limited pack of 200 copies including the new CD album "Outrun" +12" red vinyl "Outrunner" + A2 limited Poster http://m-tronic.bandcamp.com/ http://www.m-tronic.com/ You are now ready to start the "Outrun" experience: "No limits, no rules: live only for speed" ℗ + © mlada fronta 2016
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    Official release date : february 5th, 2016 on M-Tronic Records...

Track Listing

A1 Wild Race (Runaway Mix)
A2 Simulator 1983 (Video Games Mix)
A3 Speed for Life (Stars running in the Sky Mix)
A4 Take off
B1 Breathtaking
B2 Take the Leap
B3 4.44 am
B4 Hand in Hand