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  • Mlada Fronta. Every Thing. 10CD Boxset.
  • Mlada Fronta. Every Thing. 10CD Boxset.

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Mlada Fronta. Every Thing. 10CD Boxset.

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Product Description

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Limited to 490 copies worldwide!

Since 1992, French electronic musician Rémy Pelleschi has used his Mlada Fronta project to compose industrial soundscapes ranging from haunting atmospheres to tribal rhythms to cinematic immersions of the highest order of technical perfection. Owing to the very well-received club hit "XB-33," which Discogs.com correctly refers to as a club "anthem even," Mlada Fronta was on everyone's radar in 1999 when the now defunct Flatline Records put out High Tension, the project's breakout album. Following this, Pelleschi started Parametric Records and between 2001 and 2005 released truly captivating electronic music (on both audio and DVD) and gained attention from the likes of AllMusic.com, who called Mlada Fronta "nothing short of an extended immersive experience."

Recognizing the immense importance of Pelleschi's work as Mlada Fronta, Artoffact Records presents Every Thing, a 10 CD boxset that collects all previous Mlada Fronta releases, including bonus tracks, remixes, extra mp3 files, and all video material. The boxset is housed in a high quality, hard cover digibook including 20 page booklet, all designed by Pelleschi. Each release has been remastered in 32bit 96kHz (hi-definition) using only state of the art analog and digital hardware at Pelleschi's own QFG Studios. Artoffact Records will also be releasing the entire Mlada Fronta discography as digital releases on iTunes, complete with exclusive PDF booklets.

"Nothing short of an extended immersive experience."
-Theo Kavadias, AllMusic.com

"Mlada Fronta is a machine that plays tricks to your imagination and controls your psyche."
-Christophe Labussière, Premonition Magazine

"Like music from another galaxy!"

"Stunning work."
-Igloo Mag

Product Videos

Mlada Fronta - XB 33 (05:30)
Mlada Fronta - XB 33 - 1999From "High Tension" 1999Electronic, IDM, Industrialhttp://www.discogs.com/Mlada-Fronta-High-Tension/master/15361
  • Mlada Fronta -...
    Mlada Fronta - XB 33 - 1999From "High Tension" 1999Electronic,...
  • Mlada Fronta -...
    Album: Fe₂O₃

Track Listing

Every Thing ¬box set

Disc 1
Contrast 2005-2011 "unreleased & rare tracks" (8 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
5MeC→ T (2013) AAC 320kbps (1 track)
landing (2013) AAC 320kbps (1 track)
le cycle du soleil ¬EP (2005) AAC 320kbps (11 track)
oxydes remixes (2002) AAAC 320kbps (8 track)
fe2O3 remixes (2001) AAC 320kbps (5 track)

Disc 2
Contrast 1998-2004 "unreleased & rare tracks" (8 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
mutations (2013) AAC 320kbps (1 track)
high tension remixes (1999) AAC 320kbps (5 track)
illusory time (1994) AAC 320kbps (6 track)
my visions (1993) AAC 320kbps (7 track)

Disc 3
Le cycle du soleil (11 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
every thing ¬box set artworks
contrast 2005-2011 artworks
contrast 1998-2004 artworks
le cycle du soleil artworks
le cycle du soleil ¬ep artworks
fe2o3 artworks

Disc 4
Dioxydes (12 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes artworks
high tension artworks
revolution artworks
tribal apocalyptic trance artworks

Disc 5
Oxydes (12 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
oxydes artworks
illusory time artworks
my visions artworks

Disc 6
Fe2 (12 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
photos (live shows/flyers)

Disc 7
O3 (12 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
Au 197.0 ¬video (3'31")
decibelio festival 2006 ¬live video (2'44")

Disc 8
High tension (14 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
f8,1-1/171 ¬video (4'24")
maschinenfest 2004 ¬ live video (6'51")

Disc 9
Revolution (9 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes 01-CO2 ¬video (1'01")
dioxydes 02-H2O2 ¬video (5'16")
dioxydes 03-PbO2 ¬video (4'23")
dioxydes 04-Li2O2 ¬video (5'47")
dioxydes 05-MnO2¬video (4'51")
dioxydes 06-NO2 ¬video (5'23")
dioxydes 07-RuO2 ¬video (7'00")
dioxydes 08-SnO2 ¬video (4'22")
dioxydes 09-TiO2 ¬video (6'03")

Disc 10
Tribal apocalyptic trance (11 tracks)
Bonus (mac/pc) :
dioxydes 10-UO2 ¬video (6'28")
dioxydes 11-RhO2 ¬video (4'34")
dioxydes 12-OSO2¬video (9'51")
dioxydes 13-end title ¬video (2'09")
le cycle du soleil (end title) ¬video (0'38")