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  • Mindless Faith. Just Defy. CD.

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Mindless Faith. Just Defy. CD.

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On their 5th album, "Just Defy", Mindless Faith continue to deliver a lethal dose of aggressive industrial anthems, ferocious, commanding vocals over crushing beats, awash with distorted synths and laced with overwhelming guitar riffs. Revolting against today’s all-too-common generic electronic sound, the band breaks new ground by including nightmarish psychedelics, outlandish ambient passages and brooding acoustic elements that showcase the member’s diverse musical ability and adds to their genre-defying style.

Track Listing

01 The Thirst
02 Love is a Dirty Word
03 Next to Last
04 Over the Fence
05 Corporati$m
06 No Saints Allowed
07 Mutually Assured Destruction
08 Indiscriminate Force
09 You Don't Know...
10 Undone
11 Vultures (Let Us Prey Mix)