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  • Mind.In.A.Box. Revelations. CD.

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Mind.In.A.Box. Revelations. CD.

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In the world of Mind.In.A.Box, minds are imprisoned and usually unaware of their confinement. It is a metaphor for everything that prevents our minds from truly being free, from the shackles of everyday life to the fundamental feeling of aloneness a world increasingly exhibiting self-centered behavior provokes in many of us.

The songs of Mind.In.A.Box are stories from this world, building on the metaphor of imprisoned minds and the fact of our fundamental aloneness in the world. With Revelations, MIAB once again takes us into the world it has created, as voices, lush sounds, and elaborate rhythms blend into a staggering sonic mélange.

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mind.in.a.box - Revelations Teaser (07:17)
Prelistening snippets from our new album "Revelations" which will be releasedon 20th January at Dreamweb Music (Europe) andon 24th January at Metropolis Records (Rest of the world)...the story continues.Special thanks to Martin Willner and his crew who made this video for us. Thx Martin! (http://www.mjw.co.at)Pictures by Natalia Nortje (http://www.natalia-nortje.com)We wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2012!May the force be with you!http://www.mindinabox.comhttp://www.dreamwebmusic.comhttp://www.metropolis-records.com
  • mind.in.a.box ...
    Prelistening snippets from our new album "Revelations" which w...

Track Listing

01. Remember
02. Cause and Effect
03. Transition
04. Doubt
05. Control
06. Fragments
07. Unknown
08. Not Afraid
09. Second Reality
10. Sanctuary