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  • Metroland. Things Will Never Sound the Same Again. CD.
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Metroland. Things Will Never Sound the Same Again. CD.


Product Description

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In August 2015 METROLAND suffered a tragic blow when their sound engineer and very close friend Louis Zachert, the group's Passenger L, passed away. As a personal tribute, Passengers A and S created a complete new album from scratch, where every song, every note and the featured cd art is their way of saying thank you and goodbye to their close friend and fellow passenger. The 11 titles on the album each describe or embody what Louis means to the band in general and to both Passengers on a personal level: his witty e-mail headers, the name of his recording studio, his genuine love for synthetic music, his other musical projects and, especially, life itself. When comparing the music on this album to former releases, the listener will surely notice a darker, slightly mellow edge, while rediscovering the typical METROLAND sound that clearly toys with sounds from analogue synthesizers, pulsating rhythms and effective samples. This 3rd release is not just an album, it's a profound production filled with sentiment and a heartfelt message to everyone out there, but to Louis Zachert in particular: "Things will never sound the same again"…  This album is not a commercial product. It's an homage, in every possible respect. 

Product Videos

METROLAND Under The Roof (04:08)
"Under The Roof" is Metroland's sole single from their prominent tribute album "Things will never sound the same again", a tailor made production for their passed Passenger L. "Under The Roof" as title was apptly chosen as it is a wink to the name of Passenger L's mastering studio since years and years.It was a place were all Metroland members spent a huge amount of time, recording a variety of music. "Under The Roof" is a very powerful technological track, balancing between the more darker side of Metroland and the typical amount of bleeps and melodic synthetics, just the way that Passenger L liked it. Metroland is proud to showcase this wonderful video created by Passenger H that honours Passenger L. https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/things-will-never-sound-the-same-again
  • METROLAND Unde...
    "Under The Roof" is Metroland's sole single from their promine...

Track Listing

01 Tune in
02 Vie (Mental Impressions reproduced by electronic Means)
03 Synthetic Sound
04 Good Moaning
05 This little Thingy
06 Brother
07 Things will never sound the same again
08 Music/Machine
09 Under the Roof
10 Quo vadis
11 Never again