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  • Metroland. 12x12. 4CD Boxset.

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Metroland. 12x12. 4CD Boxset.

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Product Description

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In 2012 METROLAND appeared as a fresh new band to the electronic scene with no demo history at all. Quite rapidly they became a steady player gaining more and more attention by magazines and radio stations, supporting and remixing larger bands, aided by their tight concept driven electronic releases.

Today, METROLAND invites everyone to enjoy their fascinating ride again, spanning over a period of 5 years, with the release of a conceptual 4CD compilation box entitled "12x12", containing over 250 minutes of rare and previously unreleased songs, mixes or versions.

The "12x12" box mainly contains tracks that were never released on physical format before, next to a plethora of unreleased tracks. All 12 releases, including their newest single "Cube", are presented by conceptual artwork. A card per release contains photographs and the story behind each single song.

Three CDs take you on a journey through METROLAND's 12 extended versions (12x12), all the 12 b-sides (12+12) and last but not least METROLAND's 12 single versions (12<>12). As a cherry on the cake, METROLAND took a dive into their electronic vaults and present a 4th limited bonus CD containing demos, hard to find or unreleased remixes, and yes, even never released songs…

This box is a wonderful opportunity to get an overview of the wide spanning collection of music signed by METROLAND’s seal of quality, a pure Belgian electronic product, who managed to establish their vintage electronic trademark sound in no time and which also brought them unmistakable comparisons with keyboard pioneers like KRAFTWERK or yet TELEX.   

“12x12” by METROLAND is absolutely the perfect opportunity to relive their journey so far and to get ready for their next trips.

Product Videos

Metroland - Cube (small) (04:02)
Taken from the download single "CUBE", as released by Alfa Matrix on 24/03/2017. Video graphics by Passenger N. https://alfamatrix.bandcamp.com/album/cube-ep More in depth information by the video director, Passenger N: I liked the idea for the look of the video but but I was unsatisfied by the original concept (Mr Cube wanders around, finding circles, triangles and other shapes everywhere to much his dismay). Even my more abstract work have some sort of narrative structure and that's something very important to me. So in the editing room, I thought a lot about how I could tell a story with what we shot. It was a lot harder than usual because of the structure of the track itself : apart from the intro, there's not much of a structure. I had the idea to base the narration on the recurrent letter-based animation, hinting of what's going on with the letters. 4 letters to convey a story is largely enough for me. Then, after countless hours of creating the golden / black & white visual aspect, there you have it : the story tells us about how it's useless to look around everywhere, all you have to do is to think about who you are and you'll find people like you that will help you to be yourself. i.e. Mr Cube leaves his reassuring world ("CUBE" reading both ways), he is unsettled ("CUBE" but then the letters scramble without meaning), the letters tell him to be himself ("BE U") and other Cube People start to appear ("U C ?"), this way, Mr Cube can be fine ("U B" + the image of the thumb up). On his way home, he takes pictures of himself and has become himself again ("CUBE"). So simple.
  • Metroland - Cu...
    Taken from the download single "CUBE", as released by Alfa Mat...

Track Listing

CD1: 12x12:
01 the passenger (metro mix)
02 enjoying the view (12inch tourist version)
03 harry beck (12inch underground version)
04 theme for metroland (12inch remix)
05 thalys (troisième étape)
06 zeppelin (extended)
07 the manifesto (12inch version)
08 re-design (re-mixed)
09 under the roof (headphone)
10 synthetic sound (extended)
11 brother (soul mix)
12 cube (large)

CD2: 12+12:
01 inner city transport (7inch version)
02 1863
03 2013
04 thalys (paris edit)
05 from station to station (e)
06 (we need machines) without romance
07 the hindenburg landing
08 a man walked on the moon
09 vers la côte d'azur
10 good moaning (werk)
11 see you
12 led me think

CD3: 12≠12:
01 the passenger
02 enjoying the view (7inch version)
03 harry beck (laurent boudic under növö remix edit)
04 theme for metroland (7inch remix)
05 thalys (london edit)
06 zeppelin
07 the manifesto (edito)
08 re-design)
09 under the roof (radio)
10 synthetic sound (7inch version)
11 brother (sole mix)
12 cube (small)

CD4 : x + ≠:
01 vers la côte d'azur (extended)
02 freeride (demo - inner city transport)
03 smoking not permitted (demo - unreleased)
04 berlin-unterwelten (demo - machines gone mad)
05 les trois couleurs (sherwood modus)
06 fun to commute (demo - it's more fun to commute)
07 design (tube mix)
08 the elephant (demo - unreleased)
09 music/machine (version musicocoon)
10 underground love (demo - unreleased)
11 metro pop (demo - theme for metroland)
12 zeppelin (orchestral)
13 moscow main (elektrozavodskaya)
14 space age (demo - the manifesto)
15 theme for metroland (berlin mix)
16 quo vadis (demo)