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  • Meta Meat. Metameat. CD.

Meta Meat. Metameat. CD.


Product Description

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Collaborative project of 2 electronic musicians and composers: Somekilos (half of 2kilos &More) and Phil Von (co-leader of Von Magnet) who share a deep passion for percussion and rhythms. The duo's joined skills and energies combine real drumming & beats (Somekilos) with real stamping & banging (Phil Von) as a solid foundation for a vibrant 'duel' battling against twisted virtual synths, samples and machines. As the electronic sounds are treated as radically as the acoustic percussion, the finished music of meta meat turns out sounding utterly 'tribal' - cruel, merciless, sad, pandemic but harshly accurate. Two antagonistic cultures scrape and collide against each other, occidental versus oriental, modern versus archaic… and even an eastern asian third element is added to the balance to stir an even more complex and brutal electro-ethnic blend. What if this album was a weapon, the perfect soundtrack for our actual world wars? This debut album is a samurai pact, a commitment to raw musical integrity and an oath to elegant barbaric sonic power!

Track Listing

01 Melt
02 Backstitch
03 Sword
04 Shudder
05 Deepen
06 Tamed
07 Rampage
08 Escapism
09 Behaviour
10 Converge