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  • Mesh. The Point at Which It Falls Apart. CD.

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Mesh. The Point at Which It Falls Apart. CD.

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Product Description

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The sophomore album from the popular UK Synthpop trio. Features several hit singles including People Like Me, Needle in a Bruise, It Scares Me, and Not Prepared.

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Mesh - Not Prepared [PV] (03:35)
  • Mesh - Not Pre...
  • Mesh - The Dam...
    You've got it good You're cruel to everyone You get their feel...

Track Listing

01. I Fall Over
02. Self Healing Lie
03. People Like Me With This Gun
04. Needle In A Bruise
05. These Empty Rooms
06. It Scares Me
07. The Damage You Do
08. Fallen
09. My Defender
10. Is Nothing Sacred?
11. My saddest Day
12. Not Prepared