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  • Merciful Nuns. A-U-M. CD.

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Merciful Nuns. A-U-M. CD.

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Product Description

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The Merciful Nuns, brainchild of the enigmatic Artaud Seth, return with their ninth instalment of an epic journey through the pansophic traditions of sacred wisdom and knowledge: “A-U-M” continues to deliver a profound lyrical context against a backdrop of mesmerising soundscapes and carefully orchestrated containment of driven energy.  This time the journey takes us into the realms of Eastern philosophy, a tour-de-force in the manner established fans of the band have grown accustomed to and will no doubt find their anticipation suitably serviced with “A-U-M.”

The album will appeal to the genuine seeker as well as casual listeners, the quality of the songs and their production is a given when we talk about the MERCIFUL NUNS, Artaud’s voice in all its facets revealing the scope of its power: soothing, teasing, imploring and chastising as the situations demands. Jawa’s bass work once again expertly arranged to deliver a powerful yet measured approach in setting the tempo, providing a solid and sound foundation for Jòn’s effective and intricate contribution on guitar – ever more assuming a unique and identifiable signature sound. Vocals, bass and guitars are arranged in perfect harmony and in support of each other; one never gets the impression of listening to three individuals working together but rather a coordinated trinity at work.

A remarkably well conceived and executed production, probably MERCIFUL NUNS’s best album yet on multiple levels.

Product Videos

MERCIFUL NUNS - Trailer A-U-M (01:35)
Official trailer of the forthcoming album "A-U-M". www.MercifulNuns.com. music by Merciful Nuns, additional instruments and spoken words by Frater Fidens.
    Official trailer of the forthcoming album "A-U-M". www.Mercifu...

Track Listing

01 A-U-M
02 Beyond Nirvana
03 Eternal Decey
04 Cremation
05 Kundalini Express
06 Discloser
07 Lightwaves
08 Lost Chord of the Sun