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  • Mechanical Moth. Neverything. CD.

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Mechanical Moth. Neverything. CD.

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The moth floats between all tones of black. Dark and raw electronic sounds meet deep guitars. Overshadowed by suicidal, manic and dystopic lyrics, carried by harsh male spoken words and shouts, framed by female vocals. Neverything is an energetic and marching midtempo album. We do not flee, we do not doubt. Neverything, the conjunction of the words never and everything. This is the tenor of album number six by Mechanical Moth. Nothing is everlasting, but at least you can determine by yourself when you want to vanish.

After close to 15 years of band history MM don’t look back. Instead they look down the edge to what is ahead.  

What´s after the big depression and the last tears? What do you do when you just want to run away? When everything is already left behind? When you've accepted your end and see that you stand on the edge of an abyss?

Your last flight is one step forward. We want to accompany you on your last journey.

Track Listing

01 Arise
02 Schwarzes Pack
03 Tumbling Leaves
04 Abendrot
05 Nothing prevails
06 Herzbeben
07 House of Glass
08 Tanz der 1000 Schnüre
09 Runaway
10 Gefallene Engel singen nicht
11 Dein Spiel
12 Flug unter den Sternen
13 Suicide Note

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