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  • Marsheaux. Monument. CD.

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Marsheaux. Monument. CD.

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Product Description

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Riding high on the incredible success of their long announced ‘A BROKEN FRAME’ album, we managed to convince Greece’s most lovely export (aka: Marsheaux) to produce a special, Audioglobe exclusive EP with shorter, bigger, better and lighter versions of tracks from the forthcoming album! This amazing EP will not only serve as taster for the (later to be released) double-CD incl. additional remixes and versions, but promises to become a HOT collector’s item both for fans of Marsheaux and Depeche Mode! To choose the track ‘Monument’ as main track for this EP might at first appear surprising and unexpected, but who already heard Marsheaux’s version of it, will agree that it’s the PERFECT track for a single and extended mix! ‘Electricity Club’ about ‘Monument’:   ‘Monument’ steps in with fabulously innovative synth beats canvassing delicately mellow voices. It could not be more different from the Basildon boys’ blueprint. The structure of the song has been retained, and certain remix versions of the original can be recognised, yet the modern accents make it uniquely superb. There is an underlying warmth, trans- forming the tune into a floating, dream-like tune, richly textured with architectural accents.

Product Videos

Marsheaux - Monument (03:45)
  • Marsheaux - Mo...

Track Listing

01 Monument (Shorter)
02 Monument (Bigger)
03 My Secret Garden (Better)
04 The Sun and the Rainfall (Lighter)

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