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  • Marsheaux. Inhale (Ridiculously Awesome Deluxe). 2LP Vinyl (Shape Splatter).
  • Marsheaux. Inhale. 2LP.

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Marsheaux. Inhale (Ridiculously Awesome Deluxe). 2LP Vinyl (Shape Splatter).

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Product Description

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A reprint of Marsheaux's Inhale double-LP. This version has updated and corrected cover art, and the sleeve is upgraded to a beautiful gatefold. The vinyl is released on a unique "shape splatter" effect which is no longer being produced. The base of the record is cloudy/clear, and blue and white shapes are randomly scattered around the center. Limited to 199 copies worldwide.

"I do have a soft spot for Marsheaux," Andy McCluskey of OMD has been quoted as saying, and no doubt the Greek synthpop duo have garnered many accolades in their 10 year career. Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou have indeed taken Europe's synthpop scene by storm over four albums and high-profile remixes. The Human League played their track "What a Lovely Surprise" in the pre-show music for the Steel City tour; the duo were commissioned to do an official remix for OMD; and Tom Robinson and Stuart Maconie (BBC Radio 6 hosts) have praised their work.

2013 saw the release of Inhale, Marsheaux's most accomplished and successful record to date, and the duo's fourth full-length. With top marks from the likes of Vancouver's V-Rag Magazine and Collapse Board's Everett True, Inhale is a glorious synthpop record, one of 2013's best. Artoffact Records re-issues Inhale on double-vinyl with all-new cover art and three previously unreleased bonus tracks.

"I do have a soft spot for Marsheaux I have to say. They have a certain sort of wispy, melancholic charm."
-Andy McCluskey of OMD

"A fun, nostalgic romp through the evolution of electro pop."
-Mumbles, V-Rag Magazine

"This is a really lovely sweet song." (re: "To the End")
-Everett True, Collapse Board

"Marsheaux are all about pushing upwards and onwards and at their best their potential seems limitless."
-Alex Kennedy, I Die: You Die

"One of the year's best dance floor albums."
-Music Is Alright

"Marsheaux have perfected their slick and breezy synthpop formula since 2004 and Inhale is, in many ways, their most advanced effort to date."
-Niklas Forsberg, Release Magazine

"This is a great album."
-Nick Walters, It Scarcely Seems Possible blog

"Every last song on this terrific album is a keeper."
Softsynth blog

Product Videos

MARSHEAUX - "Inhale" official video clip (03:45)
Official video clip for MARSHEAUX - "Inhale" created by Johan Andjerson. Buy on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gr/album/inhale/id641955977 Buy from "UNDO": http://undorecords.bigcartel.com/ Buy from "Storming the base":http://www.stormingthebase.com/marsheaux-inhale-limited-2lp-translucent-blue/
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    Official video clip for MARSHEAUX - "Inhale" created by Johan...
  • Marsheaux • In...
    Artist: Marsheaux Song: Inhale Album: Inhale Marsheaux: http:...
  • Marsheaux | To...
    Artist: Marsheaux Song: To The End Album: Inhale Marsheaux: h...

Track Listing

Self Control 4:01
Secret Place 3:52
Inhale 3:43
To The End 4:47

Come On Now 3:58
Alone 4:21
Never Stop 4:21
August Day 5:00

Over And Over 4:05
End Is A New Start 3:57
Can You Stop Me (Extendead Version) 7:34

Come on Now [ext mix] 5:48
Secret Place [ext mix] 5:28
To The End [ext mix] 6:12

SIDE D tracks not available anywhere else!

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