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Marsheaux. Ath.Lon. Limited 2CD Boxset.

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Ath.Lon Limited edition double CD!

Incredibly special and hugely collectable limited edition box set of 808 numbered copies with hand-finished artwork by Marianthi and Sophie. Metallic screen printed edition boxed double CD including four unreleased tracks, plus 14 silk screened metallic, thermographic printed cards. Each box is unique and thus different to the other 807!

Literally a piece of Art!

The Greek electro duo release their fifth studio album, ‘Ath.Lon’, whose title is derived from the first syllables of the two cities which served as the background for their new material: Athens and London. The title brings to mind the Greek word ‘athlos’ meaning the achievement, the feat. ‘Ath.Lon’ could be Marianthi and Sophie's ‘athlos’. Considering the circumstances in which the ten songs on ‘Ath.Lon’ were created, observers will recognise it as an achievement, the crown of their twelve year career and a new chapter in their creativity. The songs come as a natural next step after their tribute to Depeche Mode's ‘A Broken Frame’. Inspired by the aura of success that ‘A Broken Frame’ had around Europe, ‘Ath.Lon’ is crunchy, sexy and optimistic. And as every original electro pop artist should do, it looks into the horizons of the future. Marianthi moved to London and the girls had to commute between Athens and London to record the album. You can almost see the clouds when listening to new material like ‘Sunday’, as well as sensing a new sparkle in them. Thanks to the new developments in technology that inform the current electronic scene, the album reflects this new phase of their career in a brilliant and challenging way. From the lusty and sexy ‘Burning’, to the evocative sounds of the past on ‘Wild Heart’, with respectful bows to their influences from OMD to Saint Etienne, Marsheaux have a new found confidence. This is exemplified by the first single ‘Safe Tonight’ which features a spectacular video filmed in Valencia, Spain. ‘Ath.Lon’ sounds vibrant and deep, sunny and classy. Produced by Marsheaux and Fotonovela, the electro duo from the Undo Records family and Rodrigo Silva-Ramos from GeeksMusic. It was mixed at Spacelab Studios in London and mastered by Nikonn and Dominique Brethes at FloW Mastering.

Product Videos

MARSHEAUX - "Safe Tonight" (03:44)
Official video clip of MARSHEAUX "Safe Tonight". "Safe Tonight" is the first single from forthcoming Marsheaux studio album "Ath.Lon".(release date 16/6/2016) buy on iTunes here: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/safe-tonight-ep/id1099009365 order CD here: http://undorecords.bigcartel.com/product/cdun61-marsheaux-safe-tonight-cd-single Album out on 16th of June 2016 (Vinyl/CD/digital) https://www.facebook.com/marsheaux https://twitter.com/marsheaux Producer: Rodrigo Silva-Ramos (RSR/GeeksMusic) Production company: laQuadra Director: Nacho Sánchez DP: Nono Arruga Camera Assistant: Yousef Daoud Production Manager: Jose Jaime Linares Associate Producer: María Sáez Direction Assistant: Gonzalo Boronat Art Director: Jerónimo Bono Props: Javier Rivas Stylist: Ángela Ortuño Hair and MUA: Saray Rodriguez Man: Sergio Bautista Woman: Irene Celda Mother: Hanna Larsson Boy: Alexander Kolobna Production Assistant: Carles Catalá Production Assistant - Conductor: Sergi Miralles UNDO records 2016 www.undorecords.com www.marsheaux.com
  • MARSHEAUX - "S...
    Official video clip of MARSHEAUX "Safe Tonight". "Safe Tonigh...

Track Listing

02.Like A Movie
04.Wild Heart
05.Now You Are Mine
06.Strong Enough
07.Safe Tonight
09.Let's take A Car
10.The Beginning Of The End

03.Stay Wild
04.How Beautiful