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  • Lycia. Ionia. CD.

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Lycia. Ionia. CD.

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An ABSOLUTE Projekt CLASSIC, back in print for the first time in a decade, digitally remastered by Martin Bowes (Attrition).

Released in 1991, Ionia was Lycia's debut on Projekt. With its brilliant blending of intense cascading guitar, droning synths and deep, whispered vocals, the release quickly found a home with fans of independent, underground goth as well as spacey ambient music. On this influential and much admired album, songwriter, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Mike VanPortfleet speaks to a melancholy that’s intentionally left open-ended. Darkly beautiful, flooded with a sense of loss, isolation and mystery, Ionia is devastating yet hopeful. Breathtaking and bewitching, the striking atmospherics and yearning lyrics create an achingly entrancing panorama of bittersweet longing.   

An album EVERY fan of Lebanon Hanover, She Past Away, Ash Code, Winter Severity Index etc. should listen to. This is the sound, that inspired generations of musicians!

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Lycia-Ionia (05:11)
Dark Ambient/Darkwave From Album: Ionia (Projekt 1991) Buy the album if you enjoy it!
  • Lycia-Ionia
    Dark Ambient/Darkwave From Album: Ionia (Projekt 1991) Buy...

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Track Listing

01 Ionia
02 A Brief Glimpse
03 November
04 Fate
05 Desert
06 Renewal
07 This Moment
08 Monsoon I (Anticipation)
09 Monsoon II (Aftermath)
10 Granada
11 The Realization
12 Distant Eastern Glare