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  • Lords Of Acid. Little Mighty Rabbit.

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Lords Of Acid. Little Mighty Rabbit. CD.

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Lords of Acid, the legendary Belgian dance-industrial hybrid fronted by acid-house wizard Praga Khan, return with the act's first release in a decade coming this fall. In advance of the upcoming album, LOA presents the sleazy EP Little Mighty Rabbit. Chock full of LOA’s patented brand of rocking electro-sex, the EP features three all new songs and remixes from KMFDM, tweaker, Christopher Lawrence, DJ Micro, AK1200, and more!

Product Videos

Lords of Acid - Little Mighty Rabbit (live in Denver at Summit Music Hall 3/9/2011) (03:50)
So I ended up stopping the recording early but at least I recorded most of it.This was an amazing show (actually the best concert I've ever seen), it was lots of fun, plus the band didn't sound bad live (none of them did). I took a few videos at the concert and I just wanted to share them with you to show how awesome the show was (sadly I didn't take a video of rubber doll or the part where DJ Mea threw beach balls into the crowed, but I bet another random youtube user took videos of those).
  • Lords of Acid ...
    So I ended up stopping the recording early but at least I reco...
  • Mighty Little ...
    A new song by Lords of Acid - Can't wait for the new album!

Track Listing

01. Little Mighty Rabbit
02. Little Mighty Rabbit (Smell-O Kitty Mix)
03. Little Mighty Rabbit (Bass To Mouth Mix)
04. Little Mighty Rabbit (tweaker Mix)
05. Drowning In Ecstasy
06. Little Mighty Rabbit (Christopher Lawrence Mix)
07. Little Mighty Rabbit (DJ Micro Mix)
08. Little Mighty Rabbit (Radical G Mix)
09. Sole Sucker
10. Little Mighty Rabbit (Krack Bunny Mix)
11. Little Mighty Rabbit (Suburban Secrets Mix)
12. Little Mighty Rabbit (Dirty Dub Dildo Mix)