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  • Lords of Acid. Heaven Is an Orgasm. CD.

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Lords of Acid. Heaven Is an Orgasm. CD.

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Heaven Is an Orgasm is a compilation of B-sides, outtakes, and unreleased material originally available exclusively through Lords of Acid's website. Originally limited to 500 copies and then later reissued with a different cover, the album has long been out of print. It is now being released in a Special Remastered Band Edition featuring bonus tracks.

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Lords Of Acid - Heaven Is An Orgasm (02:53)
High Quality Link; http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ecEaoF7s0uE&fmt=18
  • Lords Of Acid ...
    High Quality Link; http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=ecEaoF7s0uE&...
  • Lords Of Acid ...
    Heaven Is An Orgasm Never 1998

Track Listing

01. Superstar
02. Praise The Lords
03. Stay Awake
04. The Dude
05. Feel So Alive
06. Orchestral Sinsations
07. Acid Queen
08. The Mirror
09. Robot Love
10. Don't Kill For Love
11. Undress And Possess
12. She And Mr. Jones
13. As I Am
14. Who Do You Think You Are
15. Nasty Loves