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  • Lord Of The Lost. We Give Our Hearts: Live auf St. Pauli. CD.

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Lord Of The Lost. We Give Our Hearts: Live auf St. Pauli. CD.

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Hamburg-based Gothic-Metal-high-flyers Lord Of The Lost deliver the full excess of their live experience on CD! “We Give Our Hearts” contains a selection of the best songs, fan favorites and hits of the band in a massive live sound and will also be released as a deluxe 2CD version featuring an additional mini album with exclusive, new studio songs!

“We Give Our Hearts”… one of the few phrases that sums up the essence of German Goth-Metal-high flyers Lord Of The Lost perfectly. The Hamburg-based lads quite literally put 110% of their hearts into everything they do, a fact that especially manifests itself in the group’s energy-driven shows which have earned them the reputation of being one of the scene’s best live acts. Now, Lord Of The Lost are offering everyone the chance to relive the special magic that they emanate on stage within the confines of their own four walls. “We Give Our Hearts – Live auf St. Pauli” was recorded in early 2013 in the sold-out “Knust”-club in the band’s home town and showcases Lord Of The Lost in top form. Sporting a massive sound, the live album displays the unbridled spirit and energy of this unique band, playing a set of the best songs from all their three studio albums, including all hits and fan favorites. Lord Of The Lost intertwine elements of Gothic Rock, Industrial into a unique and addictive sound that will rock any crowd live. For real fans, “We Give Our Hearts” is also released as a deluxe 2CD-version which also contains and exclusive mini album featuring the band-anthem “Credo”, as well as three completely new songs that span the entire bandwidth the band has to offer, from the ultra-hard “Zillah” to the operatic “Liberty In Death.” We give out hearts to the Lord of the Lost!

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Lord Of The Lost - We Give Our Hearts (Trailer 2) (00:36)
Brandnew song "Liberty In Death" (feat. Nina Jiers), taken from the Bonus Disc of the upcoming Live Album "We Give Our Hearts (Live auf St. Pauli)" To be rel...
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    Brandnew song "Liberty In Death" (feat. Nina Jiers), taken fro...
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    Brandnew song "Zillah", taken from the Bonus Disc of the upcom...
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    Brandnew song "Love In A Time Of War", taken from the Bonus Di...

Track Listing

1. Shut up when you`re talking to me
2. Heart for sale
3. Sex on legs
4. Undead or alive
5. Prologue
6. Black Lolita
7. Marching into sunset
8. Prison
9. Break your heart
10. Dry the rain
11. Blood for blood
12. Die Tomorrow
13. Credo