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  • Little Tin Box. Action Music.

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Little Tin Box. Action Music.

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Little Tin Box is proud to present to you Action Music, the second of three LP releases in their musical storytelling trilogy. Action Music represents exactly what the name implies. Music for and about taking action. The album not only gets it's fuel from Little Tin Box's first release Object~Subject where the dynamics of a troubled relationship are pondered, but also from the energy of such great romantic/action movies as: Goldfinger, From Russia With Love, and The Matrix. Action Music is all about the actions our character takes after she has reflected, explained, & truly found herself. Now she is taking steps to try and overcome her inadequacy which is what much of this CD is about. The poetry is spoken in the heat of confrontation, creating a sort of verbal boxing match. There are three voiceless tracks (Opening Theme, Intermission, and Roll Credits) that have been added to create in the mind of the listener a certain level of drama and a sense that they are viewing the action on the 'big screen'.