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  • Liquid Divine. Autophobia (Metropolis). CD.

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Liquid Divine. Autophobia (Metropolis). CD.

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Hailing from Leipzig Germany, the duo of Christian Fritzsche (Music, Songwriting, Arrangement, Production) and Guido Stoye (Words, Vocals, Songwriting), have been releasing intelligent electronic music since 2000. After gaining popularity across the globe with the release of their albums "Interface" and "Black Box", Metropolis Records proudly welcomes Liquid Divine to our roster with the new album "Autophobia". Combining influences from bands such as Tangerine Dream, Haujobb, New Order and Kraftwerk with modern and unique elements, Liquid Divine manage to create a highly original, danceable album, full of introspection. Atmosphere, trance and ambient are combined with intelligent dance beats are combined in a way that makes Liquid Divine stand apart from their influences and contemporaries, making it no wonder that press and media have called the band as one of the most promising electronic bands of the century!

Product Videos

Liquid Divine feat.Frank Spinath (Seabound) - Sojourner (05:12)
Liquid Divine feat. Frank Spinath (Seabound) - Sojourner ***From the album Autophobia 2009*** Listen free... www.lastfm.de www.myspace.com www.myspace.com
  • Liquid Divine ...
    Liquid Divine feat. Frank Spinath (Seabound) - Sojourner ***Fr...

Track Listing

01. Fallen Men
02. Planet Zoo
03. Sojourner (feat. Frank M. Spinath)
04. Ghost
05. iHuman
06. Cocoon
07. Frontend
08. Comagirl (feat. Yrea)
09. Astronauts
10. Want
11. Redshift
12. One Day Of May in ยด99