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  • Lights Of Euphoria. Subjection. CD.
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Lights Of Euphoria. Subjection. CD.

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Product Description

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The ultimate retrospective of this German/Danish electro/EBN project! Part 26 (!) of Infacted’s EBM Klassiker series offers 15 massive songs of the former Zoth Ommog artist! Besides all dark clubhits the CD also features a new remix of ‘Subjection’ by no one else than Claus Larsen of Leaether Strip fame! None of the hits are missing e.g. ‘Subjection’, ‘You better run’ (feat. Johan van Roy/Suicide Commando), ‘One Nation’, ‘Deal in Sex’ or even ‘Sleepwalk’! 15 cult classics on one CD for a smooth E.P. price! Again limited to 1000 copies worldwide!

Product Videos

Lights Of Euphoria - Subjection (Euphoria Mix) (05:09)
  • Lights Of Euph...

Track Listing

01 Subjection (violent mix)
02 In Love with the Night (album mix)
03 Monument of Destruction
04 You better run (feat. Johan van Roy/Suicide Commando)
05 One Nation (Club mix)
06 Give Me you
07 Subjection (LeaetherStrip 2011 version)
08 Deal in Sex (Protection mix)
09 Subjection (Euphoria mix)
10 Liquid Lust (Part I)
11 You better run (Painbastard mix)
12 Face of a God
13 Fading Moments (Feindflug Karaoke Mischung)
14 Fly to Target (Dioxyde remix)
15 Sleepwalk [The Awakening]