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  • Lights Of Euphoria. Schwarze Sonne. CD.
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Lights Of Euphoria. Schwarze Sonne. CD.

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Product Description

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since more then 20 years 'lights of euphoria' have been true inovators of the electronic scene! jimmy machon & torben schmidt did create scene hits such as 'subjection', 'give me you', 'true life', 'one nation'; 'fading moments' or 'sleepwalk' while releaseing six fullength albums and avrious singles & eps! after a break of about five years the band returns with their long awaited new e.p. 'schwarze sonne' which will close the gap to the upcoming new fullength in the beginning of 2013! besides the titlesong 'schwarze sonne', with featured remixes by aircrash bureau, terrolokaust & shiv-r, you can find the song 'the saint' (including psychopomps remix!) and 'darkest cave' as well as the massive remake of 'give me you' one of the bands biggest clubsmash to date! eight songs on compact disc and digital download! lights of euphoria are back to shorten the waiting!

Product Videos

Lights of Euphoria - Schwarze Sonne EP - July 2012 (07:59)
This is a little taste of the new Lights of Euphoria release. With Remix from Terrolokaust, Aircrash Bureau, Shiv-r, Psychopomps.
  • Lights of Euph...
    This is a little taste of the new Lights of Euphoria release. ...

Track Listing

01. Schwarze Sonne
02. Schwarze Sonne (Terrolokaust remix)
03. The Saint
04. Schwarze Sonne (Aircrash Bureau remix)
05. Schwarze Sonne (Shiv-R remix)
06. The Saint (Psychopomps remix)
07. Give Me You (Imperial League remix)
08. Darkest Cave

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