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  • Legend. Fearless. CD.
  • Legend. Fearless. CD.

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Legend. Fearless. CD.

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Product Description

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Icelandic electronic-industrial project that draws comparisons to Depeche Mode, NIN, and Project Pitchfork.

Legend is an Icelandic duo that experiments with electronic music. The band's frontman, Krummi, is no stranger to the music world, having catapulted punk-rock act Minus to deals with Sony, Victory Records, Smekkleysa, and One Little Indian. Legend's debut album Fearless was self-released in Iceland to astonishing reviews, including comparisons to what reads as a who's who of modern music. An essential record that will keep giving back.

"If someone releases a better album this year than ' Fearless ' we will be astounded."

     —The Ghost of Leif Ericson blog

"Dark, depressing music that’s still fun and danceable, in the same vein as Dorsetshire or The Tear Garden."

     —Rebecca Louder, Reykjavik Grapevine

"They cannot do much wrong."

     —Bast Magazine

"Atmospheric industrial, eerie goth and pop with a dash of Icelandic oddity."

     —Torsten Schaefer, Sonic Seducer 

"‘Fearless is DARK. Dark as in sexy-death dark. Dark as in heavy gothic shades of decaying grandeur dark."

     —Reykjavik Sex Farm

"The album is an incredibly well arranged and beautifully complete piece of work; a soundtrack to all your most intimate, shady and dirty thoughts."

     —Icelandic Music Blog

"Highly conceptual, referential and danceable, this new-darkwave duo have the big ones it takes to back up their name."

     —Reykjavik Grapevine: Icelandic Airwaves coverage

Product Videos

The Weird Girls Project: Episode 12 / Sister by Legend (04:36)
* Producer, Concept Artist and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-Sometime* Filmed: 22nd January 2011* Director of Photography and Editor: Arnar Valdimarsson* Photographer: Héðinn Eríksson* Behind the Scenes Photographer: Katrín Ólafs* Post Production: Arnar Valdimarsson* Lighting Technician: Rósant Guðmundsson* Costumes: Fiona Cribben and Kitty Von-Sometime* Head Runner: Fríða Einarsdóttir* Runners: Manny Santiago, Þorgerður Sveinsdóttir and Lilja Hrönn* On set costume assistance: Magga Sigga* Make up: Neníta Aguilar, Theordóra Torfadóttir, Dýrleif Sveinsdóttir, Labinota Morina and Berglind Stella Benediktsdóttir * Music: Sister by LegendTaking a chance to express the lack of daylight in this time of year and the feeling of society's desperation for the light to return, Kitty engaged with Krummi Bjorgvinsson (of Mínus) and collaborated with music from the new side project Legend. Comparative to the episode previous to this, Kitty pulled the women into the darkness to revel and gorge on combined visual representations of witchcraft and religion.In the performance the women come together as vessels for evil performing a ritual to wake a dark spirit. For the first time ever the video work includes a performance by a band member, although this was filmed on a separate day -- to maintain the Project's boundaries are set. A 'pure' Project video work has also been produced.
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    * Producer, Concept Artist and Artistic Direction: Kitty Von-S...
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Track Listing

1. Amazon War
2. Benjamite Bloodline
3. City
4. Sister
5. Violence
6. Runaway Train
7. Fearless
8. Sudden Stop
9. Devil In Me
10. Lust
Bonus Track:
11. Virgin