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  • Lebanon Hanover. Why Not Just Be Solo (Re-issue). Vinyl.

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Lebanon Hanover. Why Not Just Be Solo (Re-issue). Vinyl.

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Third re-print of this New Wave, Minimal, Darkwave classic! ‘Why…’ was the second album by the Duo and was released still in 2012. This re-print comes on BLACK Vinyl and comes with fully printed inner sleeve, featuring the lyrics to all of the songs.

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LEBANON HANOVER Saddest Smile Why not just be solo, 2012 (05:03)
Album: Why not just be solo (Fabrika Records, Greece, 2012)why not just be solo; a revolt of two disorientated romantics sharing the same antipathy for modern music and trying to live for love in a time where nobody likes each other anymore (notes gives by owner of label) Limited to 500 COPIES DOWNLOAD LINK INCLUDED.http://lebanonhanover.bandcamp.com/http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lebanon-Hanover/186309371393430http://fabrikarecords.com/
    Album: Why not just be solo (Fabrika Records, Greece, 2012)why...
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    taken from: Lebanon Hanover ‎- Why Not Just Be SoloLabel: Fabr...
    track 11 from album 'why not just be solo'to be released on vi...

Track Listing

1. Saddest Smile
2. A Very Good Life
3. Albatross
4. I'm A Reject
5. Cadaverously Quaint
6. Bring Your Own Wine
7. Northern Lights
8. No One Holds Hands
9. Why Not Just Be Normal
10. Somehow We'll Get Through This
11. Avalanche