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Leaether Strip. The Giant Minutes To The Dawn Limited. 3CD.

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Product Description

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With a busy and successful year 2006 behind him, Claus Larsen rips right into the new year with his new explosive full length album "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn". 14 new tracks to depict a desolated landscape where darkness has settled in, leaving these scorched days and nights to the desperate creeping animals struggling for survival. The hourglass of humanity has finally reached its last grains of sand. It's through such a post-apocalyptic kaleidoscope that LEAETHER STRIP describes and openly criticizes our dirty little human world. Much darker and harder that its predecessor album, this new opus offers full frontal anger bursts with "Blah Blah Blah", "Kill The Predator", the EBM killer "Commotio" or yet the perverted club hit "Dirty Little Secret". Claus Larsen's new storm of elektro assaults and harsh vocals do not stop there. Dense tracks like the anthemic, "Will The Sun Return?", "Crucify Them", "Caught In The Headlines" or the masterpiece "The Trouble" all fire off a rich palette of bombastic synth layers and carrying orchestrations bringing the album to its crescendo. Armed with his characteristic ripping bass lines, straight EBM beats, strong dark choruses, distorted vocals and upbeat catchy sequences, it looks like with "The Giant Minutes To The Dawn", LEAETHER STRIP is launching a lightning devastation attack on the dancefloors of the universe. One final assault before the hourglass of human existence runs empty. Although it takes a turn for a more moody and personal break with "Annie" and "Seconds Last Forever", this new album can surely be qualified as Claus Larsen's hardest and darkest album ever. It is as if he had been catalyzing, distilling and regurgitating all the pains from our sedated world of neglect and has finally Damned You! The album is also released as a limited carton edition with a bonus full length album with only new tracks and LEAETHER STRIP's first ever DVD, confirming that Claus Larsen is definitely a multi-talented and complete artist. The Danish Master has personally created all the videos and paintings featured on the album's artwork! A super-limited fan edition box (25 cm x 33 cm) will also be released holding the 2CD box and a T-shirt, plus some fan goodies. Released on Alfa Matrix and available April 6th, 2007.

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Track Listing

01. Will The Sun Return?
02. Dirty Little Secret
03. Sedated Nation
04. Commotio
05. The Trouble
06. Go Ahead
07. Caught In The Headlights
08. Kill The Predator
09. Blah Blah Blah
10. Crucify Them
11. This Age Of Neglect
12. Seconds Last Forever
13. Annie

CD2 "The Hourglass"
01. The Hourglass, 02. Welcome To My World, 03. Zyklon B 2007, 04. Pain Is Beautiful, 05. Amphetamine Boys, 06. Beyond The Black Hills, 07. Hate & Fear, 08. Global House Warming, 09. Manic Aggression, 10. Damn you!

DVD3 "Watch" (Region 0)
01. Will The Sun Return, 02. Dirty Little Secret, 03. The Trouble, 04. This Age Of Neglect, 05. Annie.

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